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Personal Training Sessions

These sessions are suitable for everyone as they are individually designed and consistently reviewed to meet the clients aims and needs, especially those who

  • are new to exercise

  • have had a break from exercises, getting them restarted on the right tracks to achieve their goals

  • are in peri and post menopause and need to either start exercising or adapt exercise suitable for this stage of life

  • suffer or have suffered from injuries- have completed physio and now ready to move on.

  • would like to learn weights

  • would like help with Pilates or Yoga

  • would like to learn Hypopressives, to help their backs and much more.

  • live with mild scoliosis or general imbalances

These sessions:

  • assess current health and fitness

  • are based on clients individual needs and goals

  • are regularly reassessed

  • are enjoyable and motivational

  • are informative

  • provide additional exercise sets between sessions

These sessions can be in your home, outdoors, or in a small local studio.

For those who would like to exercise in the comfort of their own home, or would prefer more individual training, the following options are available. 

1 to 1 sessions- £50 for 1 hour

Program Design - 90 minutes costing £70

For those who would like a custom made program to follow at home 


For bookings please ring me on 07880 732228 or email me at

see "Your Options" for more information.

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