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2023 - Mobility Coach Plus

Exercises to take all joints through full range of movement while strengthening the surrounding muscles, strength, postural and flexibility training.

2020 - Pilates for Scoliosis

Specific exercises for scoliosis including, breath, elongation and adapted Pilates moves.


2020 - Yoga for Scoliosis Fundamentals

Exercise fundamentals adapted for those with scoliosis along with back health and care.


2019 - Pilates for the Older Adult

Pilates variations of exercises and sequences for the older healthy adult, chair workout included.


2018 - Menostrengh

This course focuses on purpose driven exercise for Peri and Post menopause, encouraging midlife movement and much more. Menostrength educates people of possible health and lifestyle changes that may happen during menopause.


2018 - Hypopressives Level 2

Advanced moves for those who would like additional moves from level 1, much more dynamic, plus progression with breathing methods.


2018 - Hypopressives Level 1 - UKHypopressives

Poses and a breathing pattern to reduce pressure in the mid section, helping with back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, improving posture and much more.


2017 - Freestyle Yoga - Jayne Nicholls- GXT

Focus on a higher level of understanding the physical postures and breath.


2017 - Advanced Fitness Pilates for Back Care - Rachel Holmes - ChoreographyToGo

Learning about back conditions, which exercises to avoid, what exercises are suitable.


2017 - Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations - Burrell Education

Learning about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, what exercises are suitable and why.


2016 - 3rd Age Women Peri to Post Menopause Certification - Burrell Education

Providing the skills and knowledge to educate and exercise mid-life women and beyond, real life information and solutions.


2016 - Barre Fusion - GXT

Studying fundamental Barre moves from Ballet and Fitness Yoga, adding conditioning sequences and intense cardio.


2016 - Level 3 Pilates Instructor - Rachel Holmes

Matwork Pilates along with an additional modern, functional, progressive approach. Also incorporates small equipment.


2015 - PiYo Instructor - Beachbody

Pre choreography mixture including yoga, pilates and body conditioning class to music.


2008 - I Move Freely Instructor - Biomechanics

Mobility moves, muscle release and nerve relief to provide more freedom of movement.


2007 - Fitness Yoga - GXT

Yoga based workout using knowledge and experience from a fitness background without the spiritual aspects of traditional practice.


2006 - Body Attack Instructor

Les Mills pre choreography sports inspired cardio workout.


2006 - Body Pump Instructor

Les Mills pre choreography weights class.

2002 - Pilates in Pregnancy (Pilates Institute)

The changes in the pregnant women body, how to adapt Pilates and offer suitable levels.


2002 - YMCA Personal Trainers Award

Anatomy training, nutrition, goal setting, Older adult, program styles and setting plus much more.


2002 - Swiss Ball Instructor

Core training incorporating a Swiss ball.


2001 - Matwork Pilates (Pilates Institute)

Anatomy training, learning how to teach the base Pilates moves offering a range of difficulty levels.


1999 - YMCA Exercise to Music Instructor

Anatomy training, how to put an effective workout together, with progressions and modifications to music.


1998 - YMCA Gym Instructor Award

Anatomy training, cardiovascular, free weights and resistance training, plus program styles, types and benefits.

My Qualifications

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