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Hypopressives Workshops are held at
The Ananda Clinic, 231 Hadlow Road, TN10 4LR
(parking available)

What is the hypopressive workshop about?

Hypopressives is a whole body system of training using breathing and postural techniques to create positive changes in the core, pelvic floor and posture. 


Hypo- pressure refers to a decrease in intra abdominal pressure (IAP). We experience rises in IAP in most daily activities, but we are most valuable to it effects when pressure rises are large and unexpected such as coughing and sneezing and when we exercise. We can also be at risk when tissues have been stretched or weakened as a result of, for example, pregnancy. 


Hypopressives are easy to learn but also easy to get wrong , so it is important to seek out a qualified instructor to teach you.


Hypopressives Workshops will give you a taste of Hypopressives, teaching 4-5 poses, spread out over two hours with lots of help, advice and also covering the history, benefits and how to practice. These workshops are small no more than 5 and friendly. 


Comfortable, no restricted clothing is advised, trainers are not needed. Mats and any other equipment will be provided. 

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