Monday 9am -10am and 10am -11am


These classes are suitable for all

especially the slightly older adult that likes to exercise.


We always work on stability, once the basics are mastered introducing different planes and intensity levels, working on balance and using various equipment making these classes double up as conditioning classes.


All equipment apart from mats and towels are provided.


Pilates / Stretch and Release

Monday 11.15am - 12.30pm


Suitable for all, this class includes plenty of Pilates Matwork, gentle Freestyle Yoga

and Biomechanics muscle releases.

A great all round holistic class for a really good feeling.


Fitness Yoga

Wednesday 9am-10am


A challenging class, with options given making it also suitable for those less used to Yoga. In Fitness Yoga, we focus on breath, joint alignment, strength and mobility aiming to balance and allow over tight muscles to relax and under worked muscles to strengthen.


Pilates with Hypopressives

Friday 9am - 10am


Focusing on the most up to date methods of improving posture and functional core. It will benefit participants to take part in a Hypopressives workshop or have a 1-to-1 session first.

Pilates/Free Style Yoga

Friday 10.10am - 11.10am

Suitable for all, this class is popular for those wanting to introduce some freestyle Yoga poses.

The following class is held at

St. Stephens Church, Waterloo Road.


Wednesday 7pm


A popular mixed ability friendly class with lots of variety,

using various equipment which is supplied.

The following classes are held at

The Ananda Clinic, 231 Hadlow Road, TN10 4LR

(parking available)

Women’s Wellness and Fitness

Thursday 7.15pm - 8.10pm


A small class with a personal training feel These classes are defined to bring a positive functional purposeful approach to fitness for the midlife woman. Up to date exercises and information for women over 40 years of age, focusing on getting fitter and healthier, mind and body in achievable, maintainable ways.

The following classes are all held at

the Methodist Church, Higham Lane, TN10 4GJ

(with free parking)

Your Wellbeing, Fitness, Stability and Core Strength