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To take part in one of my classes or to have one-to-one sessions with me I do need to ask you to fill out one of my PAR-Q forms. PAR-Q  stands for Physical Activity Readiness questionnaire. This will give me a much clearer insight to what types of exercise will best suit you and which may give you more difficulties. It enables us to make allowances to improve your experience.

Click the PAR-Q download button to download your personal PAR-Q form as a PDF into your computer.


Once downloaded, save the form into your Documents folder (or wherever suits you). It is a form that enables you to type directly into it from your computer.


You then have two options. You can either print the PAR-Q document out, fill it in by hand, sign it and give it to me when we meet. Or you can double-click on the PAR-Q document and open it on screen, where you can fill it in on-screen and simply tick the tick box above the signature to indicate that you agree with your details being held by me so long as we work together. You then need to save the completed form and attach it to an email and mail it to me at for me to read and keep on your behalf.


Alternatively, if you don’t want to fill it in on-screen,  you can message me on the “Contact Me” page to give you a printed form to complete.

Physical Activity & Readiness Questionnaire - (PAR-Q)

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