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Christine Owen


I have worked in the fitness industry for over twenty years and I have always enjoyed a variety of different exercises. I'm passionate about the social aspect of fitness, and would like to share my knowledge with others.

I am particularly interested in improving back health and wellbeing and core strength through Yoga, Pilates and Hypopressives. 

I have specialised in Exercise for Scoliosis, which I myself have successfully controlled this through exercise over the years. I am keen to help others with spinal asymmetries Scoliosis to find exercise they enjoy and to teach how exercises can be  adapted when necessary to manage or improve imbalances.

I have studied Peri and Post menopause, as I have realized there isn't enough information on health and fitness for this stage of life and I wanted to find out more for myself so that I could help others. 

I have included in my website a general chat about each of these. You can find them under "Your Options" in the main menu. If you are not sure on where to start or which discipline you want to develop, feel free to contact me (my details are on the “Contact” page).

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