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What are Hypopressives?


Hypopressives are a holistic, non invasive alternative,  pelvic floor, prolapse, back problems and postural training.

Hypopressives are a breathing and postural pratice which uses breathwork and different poses to generate and automatic contraction of your deep core muscles. With regular pratise Hypopressives are incredibly effective at helping to improve or eliminate pelvic floor, back and postural problems.

Hypopressives trains your core to work without you thinking about it, for example when you cough, sneeze or do high impact activity.

Hypopressives were originally developed by Dr Marcel Caufriez, a physiotherapist in Spain for anti natal women, as he was unhappy with more traditional abdominal methods. Hypopressives are becoming increasing popular in the UK for treating pelvic floor symptoms and prolapse.

How do I learn Hypopressives?

The best way to learn Hypopressives is with one to one, live with a qualified instructor. 

Hypopressives are easy to learn, however there is a lot of incorrect and misleading examples online, which leads to confusion and inadequate pratise. 

No special equipment is needed and comfortable clothes can be worn.

For more information please contact me on 07880732228 


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